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Certification Assistance

Enertek International is a research and development organisation supplementing the manufacturer’s R & D facilities, not a certification authority. However, we have a close working relationship with the leading Notified Bodies (Certification Authorities) and as an independent organisation, with calibrated instrumentation and a UKAS accredited ISO IEC 17025 quality system, we are able to offer many services to assist manufacturers to acquire certification as follows:

Certification Advice

  • Advice regarding product certification requirements and procedures.
  • If European Certification is required - Relevant European Directives.
  • Recommendation of appropriate Standards – EC, US, AU or others.
  • To propose an EC Technical Solution for European Certification.
  • To advise upon local Certification requirements – e.g. WRAS scheme for water fittings in the UK.

Finding and Choosing a Notified Body (Certification Authority)

  • To discuss the choice of Notified Body. The choice may include authorities in the UK, Europe, US or AU depending upon countries for which Certification is required.
  • Conduct negotiations with Notified Bodies to acquire comparative quotations and test requirements, (either on behalf of the client (by name) or anonymously if preferred).

Liaising With the Notified Body On Behalf of the Manufacturer (Client)

  • To handle the application process and documentation.
  • To agree the test plan, timescales and allocation of work.
  • To facilitate the project throughout the process of Certification.

Certification Schedule Testing

Where possible Enertek conducts gas, oil and electrical product certification schedule test work in accordance with the agreed Technical Solution in our own laboratories.

This has the dual advantages of:

  • Minimising cost (Enertek rates are typically much lower than Notified Body rates).
  • Maintaining control of the testing process and timescale.
  • A Test Report in accordance with the Technical Solution would be forwarded to the Notified Body on behalf of our client.
  • If required, the Notified Body would send a representative to witness some of the test results to facilitate their acceptance of Enertek’s results.

Preparation of Technical Literature

  • Enertek are able to write all technical literature required for Certification. For details, please click here Technical Literature

Preparation of Certification Drawings and Artwork

  • Enertek are able to advise on and if required to prepare specific drawings for certification purposes. For details of Enertek’s design services please click here Design Services

Compilation and Submission of the Technical File

  • The Technical File forms the main part of the product certification because the certification is awarded against the contents of the Technical File. Enertek are able to compile and submit this file on behalf of our client and include within it all necessary declarations, material specifications, literature, drawings and test results.

Acquisition of Certification

  • To liaise with the Notified Body throughout the certification project and represent the client’s interests.
  • To negotiate any contentious issues.
  • To facilitate additional information as required.
  • To ensure Certification is achieved in a cost effective and timely manner.
  • When certification is acquired, the Notified Body produces a certificate and test report in the clients’ name (without any reference to Enertek on the certificate).

Certification Project Management

Even where Enertek is not able to conduct in house testing and evaluation due to rules, regulations or lack of facilities, it is able to offer clients a ‘Certification Project Management’ service. Taking the stress and harassment sometimes associated with achieving certification away from the client. Examples where this applies includes:

  • European Low Voltage Directive (LVD) Certification.
  • European Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive Certification.
  • UK Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS) scheme.
  • UK Building Regulations G3 Certification for storage water heaters.

In the case of certification to these requirements Enertek are pleased to offer a ‘turnkey’ project management solution where we would handle the project in its entirety on behalf of the client, liaising with the appropriate authority on their behalf and asking for specific information from them to facilitate completion of the project.