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International Product Advice

Looking to export? Looking to import? Europe / USA / Australia / Asia?

Enertek’s international product advice could help.

Overseas markets can be daunting for product development;

  • Different regulations?
  • Different market requirements?
  • Different fuel?
  • Different power supplies?
  • Different customers?
  • Different language?
  • Different importation taxes?
  • Different political environment?

Even a harmonised continent can cause issues. For example, European Certification is covered by common Directives and is often assumed to be a ‘common market’. However, gas appliances (in particular) need certifying for specific ‘countries of destination’. This is because gas types and supply pressures are not consistent throughout Europe.

EN437 provides valuable advice regarding gas categories and distribution pressures, but it is not the whole story. Local variations exist and coupled with specific market requirements product specification changes may be needed for it to be successful.

Local Building Regulations can also apply which can cause problems. For example, a European manufactured combination boiler can be certified for the UK in addition to other European countries in which case it can legally be sold in the UK. However, it cannot be legally installed in the UK unless it meets the UK Water Byelaws (WRAS Certification). Note: that if installed without WRAS approval it is the installer who commits the offence, not the manufacturer, but this is not good for public relations or repeat business, so it is necessary for the manufacturer or his agent to acquire WRAS Certification. (Note Enertek can secure WRAS Certification on a client’s behalf).  

A product technically compliant and certified for a new market is not likely to be successful unless it also meets the market’s requirement in terms of appearance, features and functionality. Enertek seek to address this issue by offering a tailored service to understand the differences between where the product is coming from and where it is going.

Enertek look at the market requirements in addition to the technical requirements and liaise with the manufacturer to ensure that product modifications and certification gives the product the best possible chance of success.

Services likely to be of interest include:

Market Appraisal

  • To advise whether the product is likely to be suitable for the market being considered.
  • To suggest modifications likely to make the product more attractive for the proposed market.          Market Specification and Consultancy

Technical Appraisal

  • To assess the technical and Certification requirements for the new market being considered.
  • To suggest modifications likely to be required to make the product technically compliant.          Certification Assistance

Gap Analysis

  • To look at the difference between leading products in the new market and the product being proposed for the market.
  • To advise likely modifications required.
  • To advise certification requirements.

Partnering  Assistance

  • If required, to assist in finding a distribution partner or outlet.
  • Alternatively, if required, to find or recommend suitable staff to head up a new operation.

Once a decision is taken to proceed with the proposed import / export Enertek would be delighted to have the opportunity to assist further with the modifications, development work and acquisition of certification for the new market.