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Market and Specification Consultancy

Enertek’s market and specification consultancy services are aimed at identifying opportunities to advise client’s product sales via improved product specifications.

These services can assist established manufacturers to identify new market sectors or can help new market entrants to target specific sectors.

Services are aimed to be complementary and run in sequence as listed below, but can be used as individual activities where appropriate:

Market Appraisal

  • Determination of the size of the market and the appropriate market sectors.
  • Identification of current participants and their respective market shares.
  • Market trend analysis and projections.

Competitor Analysis

  • Evaluation of current market leaders and their strategies, strengths & weaknesses.
  • Identification of leading brands and products.
  • Investigation into channels of distribution.
  • Determination of product opportunities and appropriate strategies.

Competitive Product Analysis

  • Comparison of leading product specifications.
  • Identification of products differentiated by type, flue system, performance, installation features and optional extras etc.
  • Appraisal and comment upon technical and marketing benefits and weaknesses.
  • Definition of product design trends.

Preparation of a Technical Specification for New Product Development

  • Compilation of an appropriate new product technical specification based upon marketing information compiled during the above activities, plus the client’s stated objectives.

The key to sales success depends upon having the right product in the right place at the right time. Before commencing with a new product design and development project it is essential that the specification is correct for the target market. Enertek may be able to help your business to create or check a specification relative to the market.

Losing market share? Is your product out of date or out of its comfort zone? Enertek can check your product specification against the market leaders and advise and implement modifications as necessary.

When the product specification is complete and accepted the design and development project can begin. At this stage we would be delighted to take the project forward and propose a design in accordance with the new specification, please refer to Enertek’s Product Design.