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Product Design

Enertek’s design team are all qualified and experienced design engineers with a background in the appliance industry.

Design facilities are first class, incorporating state of the art workstations in an open plan office to facilitate the sharing of expertise amongst each other and nearby product development engineers. Commissioning Enertek’s design services is employing the benefits and experience of the full team, not just an individual.

In-house CAD software includes Solid Works, Solid Edge, Pro Engineer and AutoCAD Inventor, although other packages can be used where necessary.     

Alternatively, design engineers can work at our client’s premises. This is often a desirable option where our engineer is working as part of a client’s team.

Design services can be divided into the following categories, but as no two projects or clients requirements are ever the same, the range of services and methods of fulfilling them are therefore continually evolving to meet clients’ needs.

Throughout the design process, client contact is maintained and regular project meetings are held to ensure that the deliverable is being provided in line with the agreed timescale and budget.

Design Feasibility Studies

  • Preliminary conceptual designs to investigate or offer a new strategy.
  • Assistance with the ‘manufacture in-house or purchase’ decision.
  • Concept evaluation.
  • To enable an initial product costing to be completed.

Prototype Design and Manufacture

  • Supply of 3D prototype design drawings and electronic models.
  • Supply of proof of concept drawings.
  • Projection of 2D drawings for prototyping purposes.
  • To source and procure bought in components.
  • Prototype Assembly.

Aesthetic Design

  • Realistic, cost effective, aesthetic design via 3D modelling packages.
  • In house graphic design capabilities.
  • Styling to suit corporate image or innovative approach if preferred.

Engineering Drawings

  • Preparation of engineering drawings required for product Certification.
  • Preparation of engineering drawings required for quality assurance purposes.
  • Completion of full production drawings.
  • Provision of parts Lists.
  • Compilation of ‘Bills of Materials’.
  • Preparation of assembly drawings and procedures.