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Hydrogen Development Facilities & Expertise

Hydrogen Services

Enertek International is the UK's leading engineering consultancy for hydrogen appliance development and testing. The company offers a range of services to appliance manufacturers including:

Hydrogen Facilities Available to Clients

  • 3 designated domestic appliance hydrogen test bays
  • 3 designated commercial appliance hydrogen test bays
  • 2 separate hydrogen supply lines
  • Full laboratory instrumentation for hydrogen appliance testing
  • UKAS accreditation when working to standards on Enertek's UKAS schedule

Designing Hydrogen Appliances

  • Enertek can offer assistance with technical specifications for hydrogen appliances and specify controls and components for use with hydrogen.
  • CFD modelling can be very useful when developing hydrogen combustion and heat transfer in products. 
  • We also have a wealth of experience in designing combustion systems & burners.
  • The development of hydrogen products. 
  • Preparation of the design specification and input for 'hydrogen ready' appliances.

Developing Hydrogen Appliances

  • Assembly of prototypes and gas soundness / safety testing
  • Initial test work
  • Development test work
  • Certification schedule test work
  • Preparation of UKAS backed certification reports
  • Preparation of literature modified for hydrogen appliances
  • Assistance with acquiring certification (EC/UKCA/US)

Assisting Companies to Install Their Own Test Facilities

  • Assistance with laboratory services planning and equipment requirements
  • Assistance with preparation of safety related documentation and procedures
  • Hydrogen safety training for all R&D staff
  • Hydrogen use and safety training for development engineers
  • Preparation of P&ID drawings
  • Preparation of risk assessments

Making Facilities Available to Client's Engineers

  • Access to Enertek's facilities to work alongside Enertek's Engineers
  • Hire of Enertek's facilities for own use by client's engineers (subject to training).
  • Screened off areas for confidential development work
  • Facilitating clients and their visitors with meeting rooms (if required).