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Achieving EC Certification for an American Company

Client X, an American swimming pool manufacturer saw an opportunity for his products in Europe. Having been recommended to Enertek, client X asked Enertek to acquire EC Certification for his product.

Prior to commencing the project it was necessary to agree the project brief. The US manufacturer reasonably expected European Certification to be a one off task with one set of test results. Enertek’s first task was to explain the workings and ramifications of the gas category implications of EN437, or in simple terms, where they hoping to market it!

Having agreed that the target market was central to Southern Europe appropriate gas categories were discussed, some accepted and some rejected depending upon the difficulty (cost) of testing and the relative potential sales volumes.

The next task was to make sure the US appliance met the technical and marketing requirements for European Certification and a ‘gap analysis’ exercise was conducted, leading to some components being replaced and a test programme being created.

During the test programme the burners needed changing to overcome the extremities of ‘limit gas’ testing in Europe.

Upon completing the development work a Notified Body was selected, literature was prepared, certification test work completed and the Certification process carried out via the chosen Notified Body. Enertek were pleased to complete all these tasks on behalf of the client.

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