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Achieving U.S. Certification for a European Company

Client Y, a U.K. boiler manufacturer saw an opportunity for his products in the U.S.
Having been recommended to Enertek, client Y asked Enertek to acquire the necessary U.S. Certification for his product.

The manufacturer had already agreed a contract with a U.S. distributor, therefore Enertek was provided with a list of marketing requirements and information that the boilers’ heat exchanger was already A.S.M.E. certified and therefore the main task was to acquire U.S. Certification.

Working in accordance with the ANSI Standards, Enertek modified the appliance to meet the American Standards and marketing criteria provided by the distributor, followed by appropriate application and development work.

The U.K. client already had a good relationship with a U.K. Notified Body, so they wished to use the reciprocal arrangement between U.K. and U.S. Notified Bodies to facilitate certification.

In this case, Enertek contacted the U.S. Certification Authority to discuss the project and following a submission from Client Y the U.S. Authority sent a test plan to the U.K. Notified Body who then liaised with Enertek to produce the test report based on American Standard testing being carried out in Enertek’s laboratory in England.
Witness testing was carried out by the UK Notified Body (on behalf of the US authority) at Enertek.

Upon completion of witness testing the U.K. Notified Body send the report to the American Authority who then issued the U.S. Certification direct to our client and their distributor.

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