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Design of a Brand New Product

Client X, a major private manufacturing company wanted to design a new gas appliance in accordance with a specification compiled internally, but had limited design resource or expertise available internally. Client X approached Enertek for assistance.

An initial telephone enquiry quickly confirmed Enertek’s capacity, capability and commitment to help Client X. A meeting was then arranged at Enertek for Client X to meet the staff, inspect the facilities and scope the project.

Subsequent to the meeting, Enertek provided a fully detailed quotation, identifying the project deliverables, timescales and proposed programme for satisfying Client X’s requirements. The quotation clearly defined specific phases in a logical, sequential manner with regular milestones and review meetings.

Client X accepted Enertek’s proposal and work started immediately upon provision of a purchase order. Phase 1 was a feasibility investigation to assist Client X with making a ‘manufacture or purchase’ decision on some key components. Upon completion of this the product specification was finalised.

Phase 2 was ‘prototype design’. Enertek considered the options and chose a favoured design given knowledge of the clients preferred manufacturing techniques and supplier base. Three dimensional CAD models were prepared and a review meeting was held to present and approve the proposed design. A few minor adjustments were agreed and then Enertek proceeded to produce 2D drawings to enable fabrication of the sheet steel components.

Phase 3 was prototype manufacture and assembly, whereby Enertek placed orders on external suppliers and worked with the client’s model shop to produce the sheet steel components.  Enertek then procured all the components before commencing the assembly of a working prototype.

The prototype was assembled and tested for gas and water soundness. At this stage, the appliance was handed over to Client X for testing and development, which they intended to do internally, although they later sought support from Enertek.

After completion of development and upon agreeing a ‘design freeze’ Enertek prepared final production drawings, bills of materials and assembly drawings for production purposes. Some of this work was carried out at the client’s premises to ensure integration with their existing systems.

Upon ‘signing off’ the design and payment of Enertek’s final invoice client X now owns all design rights and intellectual property relating to the design and is able to exploit the benefits of the project to their advantage with on-going support or back-up, if required, from Enertek.

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