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On Site Design Support

Client Y had a shortage of design resource on a particularly confidential and highly advanced new technology project being developed under strict control in their research and development department. Enertek were approached for assistance because they were known have expertise which could help.

Early in discussions with Enertek it was decided that this project would be best carried out at the client’s premises so that Enertek’s engineer could become part of the design team looking for a collective approach to the task.

During the project, Enertek provided a senior design engineer to work at the clients premises alongside the existing team. The existing team comprised permanent staff and a couple of self-employed contract design engineers in addition to Enertek’s engineer. All went well until a technical problem threatened to stall the project. However, although Enertek only had one engineer present on site, the corporate back up and knowledge of all Enertek’s staff was available to Client Y. Hence Enertek’s engineer returned to base to consult with other technical experts, especially those with a different speciality (materials, development and certification knowledge). The following day, back on site the engineer reported new information from his colleagues that broke the deadlock and allowed the project to proceed back on track.

Although the additional meeting cost extra time and travel expenses, the overall time saving was significant and showed client Y the benefits of subcontracting with a larger organisation offering technical back up rather than an individual contractor.

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