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Designing a Product Around an Existing Component

A new company was developing an mCHP unit for use in domestic heating systems. Although they were experts in the generator technology they needed assistance with incorporating it into an mCHP appliance. Enertek were approached for assistance with the application of the generator by designing an appliance around it.

This project was split into phases; Phase 1 was to assess the overall specification and conduct a feasibility evaluation identifying various options for the client to consider. Specific decisions were needed regarding the type of installation envisaged, whether to include a supplementary boiler and if so what type and size. We also needed to know whether the final appliance will be floor standing or wall mounted before design work could commence.

Phase 2 was to discuss the output from Phase 1 with the client and agree a full product design specification.

Following confirmation of the specification Enertek produced a concept design as Phase 3. Having held a further review meeting with the client to agree the concept design Enertek produced prototype drawings in Phase 4, and Phase 5 consisted of procuring parts and assembly of the prototype.

At this stage, the first appliance was ready to test and Enertek were pleased to continue with the project through other services including development of the unit, PAS 67 efficiency testing, literature preparation and assistance with certification.

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