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Independent Product Development

Client X had several current projects, most of which were under control, but one project had stalled due to lack of resources. This project was subcontracted to Enertek to conduct all development testing and prepare the appliance for certification tests.

This project was carried out in Enertek’s laboratory because the client lacked resource and wanted to 'off-load' the project until it was ready for certification.

An initial meeting was held at the client’s premises to explain the background and hand over all work to date so that Enertek could work in isolation with only essential communication to keep the client informed of progress.

Enertek prepared a quotation based upon estimates with the provision for flexibility where necessary.

At the end of the project, the client received a development report detailing all modifications implemented throughout the process, together with the reasons and appropriate test results. Enertek were also able to offer to conduct certification schedule testing (on behalf of the client) and to take the product through certification with an appropriate Notified Body.

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