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Performance Problem Solving

Client Z’s R&D department had received reports that field trial appliances were suffering from noisy ignition and resonance noises and urgent attention was needed to investigate this before entering full production in a few weeks’ time. Enertek were approached and asked whether they could help?

Enertek explained that we have dealt with similar situations before. We have facilities including a cold room which can be used for test work and good relations with the Notified Body responsible for Certification.

It quickly became apparent that the problems in the field emerged as winter approached, thereby indicating that it was likely to be a temperature related issue.

Enertek applied their standard ‘resonance investigation test procedure’ working in our laboratory and within a few days had identified the problem as an unstable combustion under specific temperature and flue conditions.

After discussion with component suppliers leading to minor modifications, testwork proved that the issue had been solved. Following extensive Robustness testing (to check that resonance had not moved to another test condition), it was agreed that the modifications would be adopted for the production appliances. Enertek then liaised with the Notified Body to agree limited certification schedule testwork for a modification approval to be cleared in time to meet the production deadline.

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