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The New Gas Appliance Regulation 2018

What it Means and How to Prepare

On 21st April 2018 the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR) will replace the Gas Appliance Directive (GAD). Consequently all manufacturers wishing to continue marketing gas appliances beyond this date will need to update their certification within the next few months.


The GAR is based on the GAD but with additional requirements; the product must comply with the ‘state of the art’ and be covered by a manufacturer’s risk assessment. Furthermore this status must be maintained throughout the life of the product and examination certificates will last for a maximum of ten years.


Of particular relevance to importers and distributors is that the new Regulation holds the importer and distributor responsible for ensuring that the certification obligations of the manufacturer are fulfilled. Furthermore, if you market any gas appliance under your brand name or trademark (i.e. a badged appliance) or modify the appliance you are deemed to be the manufacturer for the purposes of the Regulation and are therefore subjected to the obligations of the manufacturer.


The underlying reason for this change is to give National Trading Standards authorities more powers to remove unsafe or non-compliant appliances from the market. Currently they have limited ability to act where the product is manufactured outside their jurisdiction, especially if the product originates outside the E.U.


Enertek International Ltd are pleased to announce that we are able to offer assistance with converting EC Certification from GAD to GAR and have agreed a procedure with BSi to expedite the process for the mutual benefit of all concerned. This service will enable manufacturers to outsource the project management of the necessary certification processes from Enertek International so that valuable internal resources are not diverted from the business’s main focus.


April 21st is only a few months away and Enertek recommend that the process should be commenced sooner rather than later to avoid consternation in the industry as manufacturers try and cram certification into the last few weeks, especially if the number of Notified Bodies remains low.


In some cases GAR certification will be little more than a paperwork exercise but in other cases major product development may be necessary if the product is to remain in production.


To protect importers and distributors against liabilities and potential problems, it is necessary to carry out some ‘due diligence’ work to verify that the certification presented by their supplier is valid, relevant and includes ongoing quality surveillance.


If you or your supplier/distributor require any help to ensure compliance with the new Regulation and would like further details or a call / meeting to discuss what is required please contact either Paul Needley (paul.needley@enertek.co.uk) or Claire Nequest, (claire.nequest@enertek.co.uk at your convenience. (T +44 (0)1482 877500)

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