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Hydrogen Development Germany

Hydrogen Developments In Germany

Enertek International was delighted to welcome Eva Hennig (from Thuega, Germany) during her recent visit to London. 

Eva attended the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies annual dinner in the House of Lords as a guest of Enertek International, and is pictured with Kellie Melbaum-Brenner (MD of Enertek International GmbH) and Paul Needley (Enertek International Group MD).

During Eva’s UK visit we also met with senior officers from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, the Energy Networks Association and the Energy and Utilities Alliance where Eva was able to bring all parties up to date with the exciting developments regarding hydrogen in Germany, and to discuss mutual opportunities for future collaboration. 

Eva is a strong supporter of hydrogen as an important vector towards decarbonisation and is particularly keen on bringing the gas and electricity sectors together by using thermally driven heat pumps in areas where electric heat pumps may have limitations. 

Enertek International fully support Eva’s aspirations, and with Enertek having offices in both the UK and Germany hope we can help in any future transition towards the decarbonising of heat using hydrogen for heating, complemented by the adoption of all types of heat pump, so that cost effective and efficient solutions are available for all buildings. 

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